Property Management Company, Do You Need One?

by Spencer Cullor on January 20, 2015

Property Investment: Fixing Property Problems FastDo You Need a Property Management Company?

Real estate property management is one of the most essential aspects of owning investment real estate. Property management is the number one reason investments fail or succeed. Quality property management is more essential in multifamily investments than any other due to short-term leases, the number of tenants, maintenance requests and the unique challenges they present a property owner.

Reliable property management will take care of the running and maintaining of your property on a daily basis. This will allow you peace of mind, ensure maximum market value, and allow you to focus on growing your business, not working in it.

Great property management is essential to maintain a property for asset protect, maximize its value in the market, provide solid financial management and reporting, and attract quality tenants. They will also help you save money in the long-run, take care of property issues so you don’t have to (those leaky toilets and jammed garbage disposals), and repair damages before they get out of control and so you can maintain and attract high quality tenants, who pay their rent ever month, to your property.

When looking for a property management company it’s important that you do your research. You need to consider many aspects before hiring a property management company including:

  • Are they professional?
  • Do they deploy ethical business practices?
  • Do they manage properties similar to mine?
  • Do they appear honest and trustworthy?
  • Have they done this before?
  • How do they handle situations with tenants?
  • Are they concerned with my bottom line?
  • How do they maintain the properties they currently manage?
  • What kind of financial controls and accounting systems do they have in place?
  • How does their current portfolio perform?

A quality property management company is essential to your investment real estate. It will help your property reach its full potential while taking care of all the day to day operations. This will allow you to focus on growing your business and not just working in it every day.


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