Creating Your Own Personal Pension Without Taking Tenant Calls or Fixing Leaky Toilets

by Spencer Cullor on March 31, 2014

Personal Pension

Creating your own personal pension without taking tenant calls or fixing leaky toilets

In 2014, you are responsible for your retirement… Period.  It’s no longer the responsibility of your employer or government office.  401k employer matching percentages have gone down, Social Security alone would greatly lower your standard of living (if it’s even around when you retire) and pensions are a relic of the past.  The verdict is in, you must look out for your own financial future and retirement.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own personal pension plan to fund your retirement?

Professional real estate investors have been creating their own personal pension by building up their portfolio of cash flow producing income properties.  They buy these properties, hold them for the long-term, and create cash flow each and every month.   That is great for the real estate professional, but what about the others?  What about people who are great at their careers and don’t want to change? What about Doctors and other professionals do?   They don’t have the time, energy or desire to fix leaky toilets or take tenant calls.

Simple answer, they must put their money and investments to work for them.  They must make the investment dollars they have accumulated throughout their careers in 401k’s, RIAs, or in personal savings to work for them.  They can do this by allocating a percentage of their portfolio to investments that create an income stream, but don’t require all the management headaches.  It’s even better if they put their money to work in investments that will provide spendable cash, tax benefits, and won’t deteriorate their principal.

Where do you find these types of investments?

One of the best ways for these busy professionals to put their investment dollars to work for them without the management headaches is through Private Equity Real Estate Investments.  In these types of investments, a qualified investor (someone who is Accredited or Sophisticated according to the IRS) can invest in cash flow producing properties like apartment complexes or office buildings that are identified, researched, purchased and managed by very experienced and successful real estate investment professionals.  These investments allows the passive investor to put their investment dollars to work for them as they benefit from these large cash flow properties without having to deal with tenant calls, collecting rent, maintenance issues, or even that dreaded leaky toilet.

Instead of going it alone and becoming a landlord, their money is invested in these properties as part of a private group of similar investors.  The investment is managed and operated by an experienced real estate professional.  The experienced real estate investment professional takes care of finding the property, getting it financed, operating them on a daily basis, mailing checks to the investors, and eventually selling them for a profit.  The passive investor becomes an owner and receives all of the same benefits they would if they went it alone including cash flow and profits each and every month, quarter, or year like a pension.

These types of investments can be great for the busy professional because it allows them to put their money to work for them creating a passive retirement income.  These investments allow the individual investor to put their money into a larger cash flow producing property that were previously only available to large pension funds or retirement accounts.   The investor is able to take advantage of all of the benefits of real estate investing including the cash flow, appreciation, depreciation, and tax benefits without worrying about the day to day operations

In 2014, you are responsible for your own retirement.  If you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other career minded individual who has been saving for retirement, you need to put your money to work for you to create your own personal pension.  By investing in private equity investments you can create your own personal pension while enjoying all of the benefits of real estate investments while the real estate professionals handle the day to day operations.


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