How I Got Started in Multifamily Investing – An Interview with ApartmentVestors Spencer Cullor

by Spencer Cullor on December 17, 2014

Learn from your mistakes and keep focused on your goals to become a successful commercial real estate investor and build an amazing financial future.

An Interview with ApartmentVestors Principal Spencer Cullor.

In this interview ApartmentVestors principal, Spencer Cullor is interviewed by fellow real estate investor Michael Blank (

Michael talks with Spencer Cullor who chronicles how he got started with commercial real estate investing. After educating himself, he got into his first commercial real estate deal which didn’t pan out the way he imagined. He stuck with it, licked his wounds, and learned from his experiences and got into apartment buildings, and he’s never looked back.

Using the lessons learned from his first commercial real estate deal (a retail property), he created over $1.8 in added value and big cash flow in his first two multifamily deals.  Spencer has continued to build a thriving real estate portfolio after building a solid base.

Lessons from the show are: educate yourself, get started, learn from your mistakes, focus, and stick with it.

Too many investors either never get started or quit before they have a chance to be successful. What a fascinating story Spencer tells in this episode!

Listen to the interview.


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