Real Estate Investment Interview – Going from Small to Big

by Spencer Cullor on February 29, 2016

Going from Small to Big in Real Estate Investment Interview with Spencer Cullor and Joe Fairless

Getting started and going from single family homes to large multifamily apartment complexes is a journey.  Sometimes you have to make many different adjustments along the way.

Listen to real estate investor, Joe Fairless, interview ApartmentVestors founder, Spencer Cullor about how he went from building small spec homes to building a large multifamily business consisting of properties with 100’s of units.

During the interview, Spencer discusses how he went from working on his real estate business part-time while working a full-time job to becoming a full-time investor and business builder.  Learn why bigger isn’t always better and how growing your business by his belief that “It doesn’t matter the size, it’s what the property makes!” will help you avoid a huge pitfall many beginning real estate investors make.  We think you’ll enjoy hearing about his journey.

We think you’ll enjoy hearing about his journey and hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate some of his “lessons learned” to your business.

You can hear the entire interview here

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