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Identifying High Performance Real Estate Investments – The 5 Step Formula for Investment Success.

In this real estate investment report you will learn how sophisticated and successful millionaire real estate investors base their investment decisions.  You will learn how to determine the real estate investment’s value before making offers.  You will also learn how to determine risk and how to evaluate different real estate investment opportunities so you get the highest return on your investment!

Without using the formulas in this real estate investment report, most investors are either:

1) making money by accident (which only works while the market is going up) or

2) losing money on their real estate investments. 

Using the valuable information and select formulas in this real estate investment report, you will be able to make better investment decisions and beat your competition.  These formulas have been proven by very successful investors to build massive portfolios, high net worth, and huge cash flow! 

This report can be used across many types of real estate including retail, office, single family homes, multifamily, industrial, and more… The investment principals work!

In this special real estate investment report you will learn:

  • How to make better real estate investment decisions
  • How to determine your return on investment
  • How to determine investment real estate value
  • How to evaluate investment properties like the professionals
  • What the Net Operating Income is and how to calculate it
  • The information you must have to evaluate and investment property or you are guaranteed to lose money
  • How to determine a property’s sale price, Net Operating Income (NOI), and Capitalization Rate (CAP Rate)
  • How CAP Rates are used and how you can compare different investment options before making offers
  • 2 Quick ways to determine if a property will make money without spending hours evaluating it
  • How to determine investment risk
  • How to determine if you can get the investment financed by banks and lending institutions
  • How to determine Break-even Occupancy and what it means for your investment
  • 3 Ways to determine rate of return and calculate how much you will make
  • How to calculate return on investment, cash-on-cash return, and internal rate of return and what they mean to your investments
  • How to determine what you will pay for an investment to get your desired return
  • Much, much, more…

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Identifying High Performance Real Estate Investments

The 5 Step Formula You Must Know for Investing Success