Apartment Marketing: Maximize Income and Slash Your Marketing Budget

by Spencer Cullor on February 12, 2013

Apartment Marketing & Advertising


Apartment Marketing: Maximize Income and Slash Your Marketing Budget

The key to keeping your rental properties full of quality renters is by taking care of the ones you already have and bringing in a steady stream of quality prospects to fill any vacancies.  A full property of renters who pay their rent each and every month is a happy property.  Apartment marketing and advertising is extremely important to keeping any rental property full and maximize your cash flow each and every month.  To keep your rental property full, you need to make sure your message is in front of as many quality prospects as possible on a consistent basis.

In the past, apartment marketing and advertising could cost you a small fortune using traditional marketing vehicles like magazines and newspapers.  However, since the invention of the internet and some really great websites, you now have more affordable advertising options than ever to get your rental property in front of the qualified prospects.  Even better than having quality options is the fact that many of these options are free and extremely effective.  This allows you to keep your rental property full and cut your apartment marketing budget.  Cutting your budget and still getting quality advertising would have been an almost impossible accomplishment in the past, but is now reality.

Apartment marketing and advertising is affordable again.  However, just because some of the best options are free, doesn’t mean they aren’t quality.  All apartment advertising options are not equal.  You must know which sites to use and how to display your offering to make them effective.  There are four websites you must be to market your rental property effectively.  These four sites are already being used by millions of prospective tenants and get massive traffic.  Getting your rental property listed on them will help your property generate a steady flow of quality prospect and keep it full.

4 Places you can advertise your rental property online for free.

  1. Craigslist – If you aren’t using Craigslist to help fill your vacancies, you need to get your property listed there today!  Craigslist is our #1 lead source.  We use it every day to fill our vacancies fast.  Millions of your prospects are going to Craigslist every day before going anywhere else to search for a place to live.  If you are not listed there, they will go to your competitors instead.  Craigslist gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every day and they are qualified and looking for your property.  Make sure they can find you.  Setting up a listing is very simple and easy and it’s free.  Make sure to add pictures and plenty of ways to contact you on every listing and you will be surprised at how fast you start getting calls.
  2. Postlets.comPostlets is a website I found when looking at ways to make my craigslist ads better, but it has also been a great lead source by itself.  Postlets.com allows you to create a beautiful listing for your rental property and then it syndicates the listing to multiple places around the web for you like Zillow, HotPads, Trulia, and others.  It’s set up specifically for rental properties, it’s easy to use and update, and it gets your listing in front of qualified prospects.  It even gives you the option to set up your listing there, copy some html code, and copy your listing to Craigslist.  This enhances your Craigslist listing and makes it look great. It’s a great tool to use and it’s also free.
  3. Google Places – If your property is not listed on Google Places, you need to get your listing there today.  More and more people go online and search Google for apartment or rental listings before going anywhere else.  If you don’t have your property listed on Google Places, they will not find you.  When you set up your property on Google Places it will show up in search results and, more importantly, on a map of available properties in the area your prospects are searching. It allows you to create a permanent listing of your property, complete with your property’s website address, phone number, hours of operation, pictures, etc.  You need to have your property listed on Google Places or you will miss out on all those prospects searching for your property.  It is also free.
  4. FacebookFacebook is the biggest social media site on the internet.  All your friends, competitors, and prospects are on there, even if you aren’t yet.  It’s a great networking tool and Facebook allows you to create a page for your rental property.  You can then have your current tenants and friends “like” the page and when they do that, all of their friends will see your property.  A single “like” by one tenant or friend can literally expose your property to hundreds and thousands of potential renters.  This can be very powerful.  Social media is becoming and bigger and bigger influence on where people get information, including where to live, and you need to have your businesses on there.  It’s also free and allows for cheap paid advertisements so you can target your paid advertising to your specific area.

Maximizing your revenue and keeping your rental property full is the goal of every successful property owner.  Apartment marketing starts with getting the right rental property message or advertisement in front of qualified prospects that are looking for your service.  You must know where your prospects are going to gather information on where to live and be listed on those places.   There are four websites that your prospects are already using to find rental properties and they are essential for you to have your property listed on.  By being there, you will be able to generate quality leads for your rental properties and keep them full.  Facebook, Google Places, Craigslist, and Postlets are essential websites for your business.  They will help you keep your property full, maximize revenue, and even lower your apartment marketing and advertising budget.


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